My Story


Dear Friend,


Thank you for visiting! I hope you like what you see. Let me tell you little about myself. Years ago, my family was faced with a mandate by our pediatrician to start eating more whole foods and get toxins out of the house. As I'm sure you know, this is easier said than done. However, after enduring the learning curve of a truly holistic lifestyle, I found myself and my family in a much better position than ever before. But why should it be so hard? Every family deserves to free themselves of the shackles of an unhealthy, toxin- filled lifestyle. I wanted to take the guesswork out of it and show people it doesn't have to be hard or inconvenient. Over the years, we’ve changed up how we grow our food, cook, clean, and even produce our own energy. Small simple changes over time resulted in our “Homestead Ecosystem” where we grow our own food on yesterday’s kitchen garbage and live beyond organic.

This has been my journey, and I hope to share it with you.  


Our Products



Use fresh basil in your dishes, we grow it here!



We keep chickens on the property, for laying as well.



The freshest eggs you can have, with no artifical additives!



Spin your own yarn from harvested fleece.

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