Education is a staple of our philosophy. We believe the best way of achieving our goals is assisting and educating all who wish to learn about homesteading and self-sustenance.

Our homestead is proud to host 4 Solar C3ITIES style anerobic biodigesters including the first in-basement system that is integrated to the kitchen and septic system for closed-loop recycling for production of biogas for cooking and plant food for growing with vertical aeroponics. Come learn about this unique homesteading process with Hudson Valley Vertical Farms! Give an inspirational quote here!

Kathy Puffer

Kathy is educated in many aspects of biofarming, and hosts classes at the farm.

  • Aeroponics

  • Families growing their own food was common at the turn of the previous century and it’s practice is making a come back. Growing vertically, using state-of-the-art aeroponics, not only easy and saves space but it is also good for the environment. Come learn some simple ways to grow your own food 12 months of the year, even when it is below freezing outside.

  • Classes & Workshops

  • We offer a variety of different classes and workshops throughout the year to help connect you closer to nature and self-sufficiency! Some of our classes include springtime soap making, beekeeping, growing your own food, etc. Sign up below to get notified about our classes and workshops!

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